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The Culture of Performance

Capablo is a management consultancy that focuses on interpersonal communication.

Most of our work centres around leadership and team development, businessmanship, corporate culture and intercultural communication – all soft skills.

Through trainings and workshops, we invite managers and employees to look themselves in the mirror to see how they can influence and inspire others more effectively.


Our strength lies in our consistent focus on the individual’s behaviours. We also look specifically at the challenge inherent in today’s leadership, characterized as it is by fast changing, ambiguous environments such as matrixes, remote management and international teams.

Capablo’s objective is to help our clients develop a Culture of Performance.

The leadership training was truly inspiring and engaging for not only the leaders of our organization but all of the company. Self confidence and experience was built from the ground up. As an added benefit the collaboration between different functions in the company now contribute greatly to the effectiveness of our company. Highly recommended!

David Schelin

CEO, Euromaint Rail

Capablo has the best leadership training with trainers who knows how to connect to the participants in the right way and with a down-to-earth approach to leadership.

Jonas Netterström

former CEO, Elajo

Our long-standing cooperation with Capablo has to a great extent contributed to Inwido having strong leaders and a competent staff.

Lena Wessner

Senior Vice President, Inwido Group


Leadership is a word that has many definitions. At the same time, most of us have quite a clear view of how we want to be led: we want clear objectives and to know within which boundaries we can work freely, we want our manager’s trust and to know that our opinion is considered. And we need to perceive a minimal level of empathy.

The question is, do we lead others as we expect to be led?

This is where Capablo adds value. Through reflection and training we make our participants view their own leadership as it is and then decided on what they want to develop or change. Based on these insights, each participants creates a personal action plan which we follow up on through our tailored web tool.

Most managers know how they should act. Capablo facilitates the step from intention to action.


Are you a team of individuals with complementary skills and competencies who each contribute with different elements of a joint solution? Or does your team consist of individuals with similar skills and backgrounds whose common goal is the addition of each individual’s personal target? Or are you a mixture of both? Is your team a remote team? Are the team members reporting to the team leader or is it a virtual team whose members report separately elsewhere?

The answers to these questions directly influence how the team should be led.

Capablo helps team leaders and their members understand what kind of teamwork to strive for and how to achieve it.

Business Acumen

What is your personal contribution to the corporate objectives? What should you focus on to get most impact in your day-to-day work? What are the economic drivers of the company?

Once you know the answer to these questions can you develop your business acumen, the keenness and speed in understanding and deciding on a business situation. Only then can you lead others in the right direction.

Capablo sets up processes to develop knowledge about key economic concepts. To this purpose, we use simulations or lectures. Then we train the leaders on the soft skills needed to influence any stakeholders in the right direction.

Intercultural Communication

”Had I only known this in advance it would have saved me and the team a lot of misunderstandings.” This is a frequent feedback we get from our workshops on intercultural communication.

Capablo provides concrete tools and measurements to better understand how one’s own national culture differs from others. Thereby, individuals can predict what kind of frustration they are likely to cause in their interactions with people from other countries, just as they will also be able to predict what might annoy or even shock them in the actions, attitudes and behaviours of others.

Corporate Culture

How are things actually done around here? What makes us look and feel the way we do? What is our corporate culture? Does it support reaching our strategic objectives? Or is it as for so many others an obstacle in reaching our goals? If we need to change something in it, what is it and how do we do it?

Capablo supports our clients analysis and work on their own corporate culture in order to secure its alignment with strategic objectives.

How We Work


We rather talk about training than courses. The reason is that the knowledge content of what we work on is available to anyone. It can for instance be found in any number of management and self-help books. Nevertheless, most of us frequently need train on transforming that knowledge into habits.

Capablo’s contribution is to facilitate the process for individuals to understand their role as employees in the company, as team members and eventually as manager-leader. Then we train on overcoming gaps between reality and the desired state. We mostly work with in groups, but also individually through coaching or with a combination of both.

We consistently ask our participants “How will you apply this in your day-to-day work?”. Thereby we ensure that our trainings are also translated into concrete actions, which we also follow-up on in and between the programme sessions.

Our client relations are often long-term, stretching over several years and programmes. This allows us to tailor and adapt our programmes to the client company’s development. It also makes it possible for us to support individuals over longer periods of time in their careers.


Capablo frequently acts as facilitators in clients’ meetings and processes.

The types of services we provide in this area vary considerably. They include brief interactions, such as one-day workshops with a management team wanting to develop its team efficiency or looking for better ways to communicate the corporate strategy to employees. It is also sometimes a longer approach, focusing on developing the team systematically covering topics such as behavioural profiles, team dynamics, shared values, trust, feedback, and more.

Finally, we also manage longer projects, such as designing and facilitating week-long conferences for clients communicating a revised strategy and co-creating plans for its implementation.

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